Monday, March 26, 2012

Florida Camera Club Council State Convention 2012
 We were lucky enough to be the host city for the state-wide photography convention this year!  I had a booth at the trade show and was one of the speakers.  My preconference workshop was about Beach Portraiture, and because of the time of day (8 a.m. to noon), I got the opportunity to also teach "how to photograph people in horrible lighting".  Ha ha aha!!

Here we are on the bus to the beach!
Posing the man.  Men are tougher to pose than woman (in most cases).  Photo credit Bob Kelly.

Jillian from Tamron was my tech support ... so we made her model too!  LOL!  Photo credit Lianne Ellitott.
My, what a big mouth you have Peggy Farren!!!  I promise I wasn't laughing AT anyone.  I was laughing WITH everyone!   Photo credit Russ Caron.
Serious equipment!

David bumping up his flash.  Yes, you need MORE flash on sunny days!

Posing a couple.  We had several models and everyone got a lot of chances to shoot. 

We had three different "stations".  I brought my studio light and battery for one station, an off camera speedlight for another and we used on camera flashes for the third area.

It was a fabulous weekend, full of learning and fun.  Photographers came from all over the state of Florida and beyond.  Thanks to the volunteers who put this on, especially Eric Hanson, Sonny and Betty Saunders, Laura DePamphilis.  Sorry to everyone I missed.  I know this was a team effort!  You all really pulled it off!

A little PS....  The famous Arthur Morris stopped in to listen to my talk on Sunday and made me a nervous wreck!  LOL! 

Here is more information on the Florida Camera Club Council:
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