Thursday, February 21, 2008

Costa Rica

It was tough to take off during my busy season, but I spent a week in Costa Rica on a photo safari! My friend and fellow photographer, Teri, has been living in Costa Rica for five years

This is the town of Jaco. The first high rise is going up. It's already a tourist town, but it is under major development. Several high rises are going up, up, up. I was lucky to see it now before the boom!
Costa Rica is famous for bad roads. It was pretty scary! Here is one bridge - all semi trucks, cars, tour buses, etc. on the way to Manuel Antonio Park must go over this bridge.

And here is where Teri and I almost died. The sign had blown down so we didn't see this drop until the last minute one evening. It's a very long drop down the mountain. It has been this way since November. It's amazing that no one has died yet. About half the time we passed by, the sign was down.
But we did live!! And got to see some of the beautiful sights on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

We hiked up and then down a mountain for hours to get to see this waterfall.
What a great experience! Thanks to Teri for hosting me and driving me everywhere!