Sunday, July 29, 2007

Saturday, August 4 Expo!

Back to School Expo
10 a.m.- 4 p.m.
Coastland Center Mall

We'll have a table at the mall. Come see new pictures and new products! Or just stop by to say hello!

Neapolitan Family Magazine and Coastland Center are sponsoring this expo with 50 child-related vendors. There will be lots of give aways and door prizes!

Friday, July 06, 2007


Looking for a responsible family! Brother orange and Sister Russian Blue - hopefully they can stay together, but they can be adopted individually. They are so cute! About 8 weeks old.

Grey sister (we call her S2 - I have a grown cat, Silver, who looks just like her!)

Orange brother. We named him Junior.

They play together constantly.

And sleep together.

I've had them for almost a week now. I will get them spayed/neutered before adopting them out so their adoption fee is $30 each. You will still need to take them to the vet for shots, etc. Please call me (Peggy) at 239-263-7001 or email

Here is their story:
A beautiful calico cat had four kittens in my bushes. I called the Humane Society - they only take owner surrendered cats- no feral cats. I call Domestic Animal Services - they have a 95% kill rate - an average of 300 cats a month are euthanized there! So I called some of the no-kill places. They are so full! Jan from For the Love of Cats has been super helpful.
I have the two kittens but can't keep them (I already have two cats). We are looking for a home for the two calico kittens too. I'll take the mother to get spayed and let her back out. She'll keep the snakes and rats away and hopefully live an okay life as a feral cat. Please please please make sure you spay or neuter your cats! And help me find good homes for these sweet and fun kittens!
Peggy 239-263-7001