Monday, May 30, 2011

Photo Contest for a MAGAZINE COVER!

Photo Contest:
Neapolitan Family Magazine and Photography Naples are teaming up for a cover photo contest!!June's cover by Peggy Farren, Avant-Garde Images, Inc.

This is your chance to harness your creativity to produce a unique photo that can be used as the cover image for the July issue of Neapolitan Family Magazine! It's also your chance to get your children, your favorite relative or neighbor on the cover of the most popular parenting publication in the area.

The theme is simple: BIRTHDAYS!
Set up props if you wish and then use your imagination to create a photo that shouts birthday fun. You may use any number of children in the photo but do keep in mind that the best cover photos are vertical in nature and have room for cover titles.
The following rules apply:
1. No professional photographers. This is open to amateurs only. If you have a photography website or have been paid for your photos, you are not eligible.
2. Subjects must be under 16 years old, must live in Collier County and must have clearance from a parent or legal guardian to have their photo taken. No professional models and no makeup unless it is for costuming purposes.
3. Photos must be available in high resolution as the image will be printed at a final size of 8 1/4 x 10 3/4. You may make edits to the photo and use Photoshop to alter the original.
4. The photo may not have appeared in any other media. The photo needs to be an original work created for this contest. By entering, you will be granting permission for the photo to be used on the July issue of Neapolitan Family and in subsequent promotional pieces when deemed appropriate. You also agree not to sell the photo or use the photo in any commercial capacity. You will be given permission to use the cover PDF (it will be provided to you) for your own promotional use.
5. By submitting your photo, you are granting permission for us to post your photo on both our web site and Facebook page as an entry in the contest if we so choose.
6. To enter contest: submit a lower resolution version of your photo (under 2MB) to Include a brief description of photo including names and ages of models and your phone number.

All entries must be received by June 10 to be considered.

We will choose the winning photograph before June 15. You may enter up to 3 different photos of the same subjects but please make each photo a unique setting.
7. The winning photograph will be on the July 2011 cover of Neapolitan Family Magazine. The photographer will receive a full credit in the "on the cover" bio inside the magazine. We will also provide you with 50 copies of the magazine and a PDF of your cover. We will also post the cover and bio on our website and on our Facebook page. In addition, we may choose to enter the cover into a national Parenting Publications contest for "best cover photograph" if we feel that it is a potential award winning photo. Those entry fees will be paid for by Neapolitan Family Magazine.

Posing Class coming up June 24!

I finally put together a workshop on posing! It will be held on June 24 from 6-9 p.m. Sign up soon as this will surely sell out! For more info, click

When I started my photography career, posing was an extremely important part of the education process. The the trend of "photojournalism" hit and posing became passe'. Well, things have come full circle and now clients want properly posed and composed images.

Here are some basic tips:
1. Eyes should be at the top line of the Rule of Thirds grid. You can crop someone's head off if their eyes are not too close to the top of the picture.
2. Never put a person straight square to the camera. Angle them slightly (also makes them look thinner).3. The masculine pose has the subject's head leaning toward the lower shoulder. This is a good pose for women too, especially business women since it is considered a "power" pose. Tilting the head to the right is considered a feminine pose and not as appealing on a man.
4. Hanging feet - cross at ankles for a more put together look.

5. With groups, heads should NOT be aligned horizontally or vertically.
6. Double chin - have the subject put their chin down and then stick their head out slightly. This will stretch the neck slightly and since a picture is two dimensional, you won't see it.
7. Move YOURSELF to get a better pose. You don't always have to move the subject.
8. Fingers should not be peaking around someone's waist or shoulder.

We'll have so much fun at the posing class. As always, our classes are HANDS-ON so you'll have the opportunity to practice! The class is limited to the first 15 who register.

Friday, May 20, 2011

CSN Student Interns

This is Tori, I'm interning this week at Avant-Garde Images with another intern from the Community School of Naples. Tori, Peggy, and Paige at the PRACC luncheon, where Peggy gave a talk about using photography in marketing.

Paige in action at a photo shoot.

A photo we took of the model.

Tori taking photos of the model.

Raquel was great at posing and so much fun.

Paige and I spent a week with Peggy. We learned a lot and also had a great time. I never realized how much marketing went into photography. We got to do a variety of things like classes, client meetings, and photo shoots. I even got to participate in a studio session with two dogs. There's also a lot of busy work! All in all it was an eye opening experience!